Grooming: Dogs regularly come in for grooming and I specialise in ‘Hand Stripping’. I offer grooming to all breeds that require stripping including; puppy grooms, regular adult strips, interim tidy up grooms (head, legs, tum and bum). I can help with coat advice post neutering (which can dramatically change the coat) and older dogs (usually 10 years old plus) that the skin has changed due to their age and are unable to be stripped. I can still take the coat out carefully with thinning scissors which saves the undercoat as opposed to clipping which ruins the undercoat. 

I can also do show coat preparation to make your dog looks its best for the show ring and grooming lessons on how to strip your own dog and prepare your own dog for the show ring.


I can offer appointments on weekdays and some weekends. For weekend grooming appointments I ask people to book at least six weeks in advance as they are very popular. 



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